Wide Eyed Studios

Arden Theatre Company’s Indecent


I first saw Indecent on Broadway in New York in its first month there. I was so thrilled when I heard that the Arden was producing it here in Philly. I felt very privileged to get to shoot it and loved the way they pulled this piece together. This story, the set, the characters and the actors who inhabit them mirror the times and the questions we face again today. Picking plays like that is a particular gift those at the Arden possess.


BrainSpunk’s Crazyface


I always love to shoot BrainSpunk because they are so colorful, edgy, and unusual. They take chances and it was always exciting to drive to the Christ Church Neighborhood House to see what they had concocted. Below is a selection from their 2014 production of Clive Barker’s tale of chocolate, Crazyface.




This Philadelphia-based underground circus sideshow updates the old tradition of outrageousness with modern artistry and technology. The freak show and block head performances of the nineteenth century fit nicely alongside more modern puppetry, music, and comedy. Sometimes silly, sometimes sexy, always smart this traveling troupe of players is wildly fun to photograph whenever they are nearby.


Deep Blue Collective’s A Streetcar Named Desire


As part of the 2016 Philly Fringe Festival and performing in the Maas Building, was this witty and suddenly dark production of Tennessee William’s signature play, A Streetcar Named Desire. The audience participates in the performance by sheer proximity if not invited to do so by whiskey welding women or aging debutants. It was a fun shoot to do before a live audience.


Hedgerow Theatre’s On the Verge


I’ve been shooting at the Hedgerow Theater in Rose Valley since 2009, and I’ve seen countless great shows put on there, but their 2015 production of On the Verge is a personal favorite. I appreciated the acting, the color, the texture of the set, and the wild time-traveling women of the story! My enthusiasm bleeds into my pictures.


Philadelphia Artists Collective’s He Who Gets Slapped


PAC teamed with the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to put on this 2016 production of Leonid Andreyev’s He Who Gets Slapped in the Broad Street Ministry church. It still amazes me that they created a circus tent every evening after services and torn it down every night so the space could be used as a homeless shelter. With an incredible set, dark comedy, amazing circus stunts, and stellar live music there was nothing not to love about this performance.