What's in your bag?

My Kata bag helps me stay organized.  I shoot with 2 Canon 5D3 bodies (named Bonnie and Clyde), which provide me with superior focus and low light capture ability.  I have a number of fixed lenses, including a 15mm fisheye, a 20mm, a 50mm, a 85mm, a 100mm macro and a 135mm portrait lens.  I carry 5 to 8 lights and stands for on and off camera use to create more diverse images.

What's your background?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Gender Studies from Franklin & Marshall College, and a Masters of Arts in Photojournalism from Boston University.  I've been been a professional photographer for more than ten years and running my own business since 2012.    


How do I pick a location for my shoot?

Anywhere could potentially be perfect for photos.  However; a favorite spot or a well-loved activity goes a long way to helping us, our children, and our pets look relaxed and really brings out our personalities.  Background is less important than an environment where you feel free to be yourself!

Do you do portraits and details?

While I have a passion for capturing people in a real and emotive way, my main focus is creating a full story, which includes stellar coverage of your space, the details of your life, and a few good old fashioned portraits! For the sake of consistency, even my more formal compositions still have candid feel. While I might place and pose you, you're unlikely to see me lock down my camera on a tripod.

Do you eat?

If we go get ice cream for a shoot, I'm definitely ordering one! Besides that, you only have to feed me if you want me to capture a full day's activities, like a wedding or an adventure shoot.  And usually, I eat when you do, because you'll probably want less of those photos.



What if I want makeup/hair help?

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of dynamite Makeup and Hair Artists.  I can find you someone starting at $75. Check out my Partners page to see many other great professionals I’ve worked with.



I see the world in vibrant colors, often warm and bright with strong contrasting tones, and my edits reflect that.  I don't alter the essence of my photos.  I will remove blemishes and some minor details upon request.  Please remove your hairbands from your wrist before we begin!  I choose the images where you're making the best faces; sometimes strange ones but always great.  


I shoot nearly ten times more images than you will receive and I hand pick and carefully edit all your images.  So its takes me some time to get them back to you.  Your patience will be rewarded with an assortment of excellent images.  I usually try to give weddings and events a sneak peek ASAP for promotional purposes.  On average, small sessions take around 4 weeks, family and portrait sessions take around 6 weeks, and weddings take roughly 10 weeks to complete.  If you are desperate for a fast turnaround, I can cut my average edit time in half for a fee.  Just like with the type of shoot, the time of year also affects the turnaround time.  April through November is my busy season, when edits tend to run a little longer.  December through March's shoots tend to come back a little sooner.

What is the best time of day to shoot?

I prefer afternoon, evening, and even the night depending on the activity and location.  The light gets more colorful as the day progresses, becoming more golden, rosy, then blue.  The temperatures are usually best then as well!  Try to avoid scheduling a noontime outdoor shoot if possible, the overhead sun produces flat and uninteresting light.

Do you take selfies?

Yes I do.  Often and Shamelessly!  I don't usually have other people taking my photo, and someone's gotta make a scrapbook!  Most of the pictures at the top of each page of this site are my selfies.


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