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Tamara, bride and boudoir client, says:

Ashley is amazing! We found her portfolio online while planning an unconventional east coast (DC-area) wedding. I'm a fashion editor and former fine art photographer, so I had a pretty specific idea of what I wanted for photography for my wedding. When our plans changed to a west coast event, we were still so excited about working with her that she went the extra mile to accommodate the new location and work with our budget. She stayed at the house with us and it was like she was part of the family. She got to know everyone and was even a source of reassurance and support to me during the stressful moments leading up to the main event! When it comes to the photos, she has a beautiful and powerful aesthetic, incredible eye for light and color, and a wonderfully creative imagination to direct fabulous shots. She (and her second shooter Tracie) took advantage of all the one-of-a-kind features of the location, from the landscape to the furniture, props and lighting. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, has a great sense of humor, and was extremely mindful of all our unique family situations during the event. In addition to the wedding we did a private portrait session with her, and I also had the opportunity to follow up with a boudoir shoot. Every shoot has been so much fun, and resulted in incredible photos that capture our personalities in stunning composition. My family loved her too and has said that the wedding photos are the best they've ever seen. I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with her again.


Marissa, Bride, Bump, and Family Client, says:  

Ashley isn’t just a photographer – she’s a story teller. She has an uncanny ability to capture true personalities and life in the moments…real moments of tenderness, warmth and sentiment, of hilarity and absurdity, and pure joy. From the minute you meet Ashley she makes you feel comfortable and is truly gifted in making even the most nervous of subjects (e.g. fiancés or grooms) relax and have fun. What I love most about Ashley is she isn’t afraid to take risks with her photography and can adapt to any situation. She’ll climb on chairs, boxes, ledges, get down in the dirt, sprint up a bridge or run out into a hurricane (yes that really happened) to get the perfect shot. She is full of energy, enthusiasm and is unique in the best ways possible. You can tell photography isn’t just business for her. It’s passion and genuine enjoyment for what she does. She listens to what you want and its translated beautifully in the finished product. What’s more is she almost becomes like a part of your family from your first meeting, to your engagement shots to your wedding and well after. I find myself recommending Ashley’s work wherever I go – whether it be for engagements, weddings, babies, corporate work or events. She’s just that good. Thank you Ashley for making the entire process memorable from start to finish!


Michelle, family and celebration client, says:

Working with Ashley is like working with your best friend; she comes to the location with the biggest smile and is great with kids. My kids see her and they smile right away. She makes it so unbelievably easy to take pictures and when you get the finished product you love every single one of them. Just recently I printed a book of my sons and half the pages where pictures that Ashley had taken of my family, my sons and my dog. She is wonderful. The best and most recent memory that I have is going to the park to take pictures of the boys for a Father’s Day gift. The way we played around on the field was the best day in my life. Ashley had followed my boys around taking pictures of them in their element. When the pictures came to me on the CD I looked at them and instantly I was back at the park. The memories of that day will be with me forever. You can look at the pictures she takes and it takes you right back to the moment. I have recommended Ashley to my friends and would be the first person to call her when I need something. I will enjoy having her with us as my kids grow, not only as a friend, but she is the only person I know that has the talent to take a picture and capture your heart through your eyes.


Gregory DeCandia, Former chair of the Theater Department at Boys' Latin of Philadelphia, says:

Having worked with Ashley on a variety of different shoots I feel an educational environment is where Ashley flourishes. Wide Eyed Studios has provided production images, promotional images, backstage photos, faculty shots, exuberant candids, and one of her photos from our production "PHLash: A Mob Story" was the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly in February 2012. In addition to her photography skills Ashley has also given two master classes on photo anthropology to my Stage Design and Theater Practicum courses to heavy student fanfare. Whether she's blending in with the scenery to capture the purist of moments on stage, or leading a master class with professional insight and utter compassion I promise not only will you be amazed by her craftsmanship, wowed by her artistic sensibilities, but you will also be shocked by her reasonable rates.


Shannon, non-profit superwoman from Urban Promise, says:

Ashley is an amazingly gifted photographer and storyteller. She has done a phenomenal job of documenting the youth, staff, donors, and events of UrbanPromise for the last year and a half. Her gracious and amiable personality creates a sense of comfort for the subjects of her photographs--evident in the countless photos she has captured of our youth and staff. UrbanPromise has used Ashley's photos on our website, in numerous publications and press releases, and as gifts to donors. Her work has been central in our recent organizational rebranding. We are incredibly grateful to be able to use Ashley's compelling photos to help communicate our message and mission to the world!


Shaun, actor and singer, says: 

I have had the pleasure to work with Ashley on numerous occasions over the past couple of years. She has taken my headshot as well as numerous theatrical production photos, and with all these events, Ashley consistently produces astounding memories. I am also lucky to count Ashley among my friends, and because of this, it allows me to share a side of her that many people don’t get to experience. I speak of her uncanny ability to capture the atmosphere of any gathering she shoots at. From major social events such as Galas, to small house warming/holiday get-togethers, her pictures reveal the honest enjoyment of each moment that usually only comes from attending. Personally my favorite collection from Ashley is when I invited her to my 30th birthday. I told her she should come to just have fun, but I knew she would bring her camera. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am that she did; the pictures from that night will keep me re-living the party for the next decade (at which point I will have her come take more at my 40th birthday). I have to conclude by saying the best part of working with Ashley is how comfortable she makes you feel while shooting you. Her ability to capture genuine, honest photographs stems from her ability to bring you to a place where you can be yourself; which only leads her lens to finding those truthful moments. I will work with Ashley every chance I get, and will always recommend her to anyone for whatever their occasion may be.


Rebecca, Actress and Model, says:

Ashley's skill with photography excels beyond her profession. Her eye for aesthetic, coupled with her daring to use unexpected angles and focus are just a few qualities that make her style and product fantastic. She has the unique ability to capture real life moments in a creative, spontaneous, and unadulterated style. Souls sing and the natural beauty of the subject glows in Ashley's photos. This is especially important for the theatre artist, dancer, or musician, who need a head shot that reveals their unique personality in a tasteful and creative way. I trust Ashley to capture an honest image that represents me as an actress, but most importantly, as an individual.


Jeff, leader of whitewater pass, says:

As her fiance and partner in crime, I have a unique perspective on Ashley and her photography. Most of us put in our 40 hours then head home to leave our work behind - Ashley doesn't put the camera down when she gets home. Ashley is photographer through and through. Even in our everyday life you'll find her climbing trees, laying on the ground, running ahead, and falling behind for the shot. She is constantly working on improving her art. As a result, I am undoubtedly Ashley's most frequent photo subject. You'll find my face in nearly every one of her portfolios!

Despite her perpetual picture taking somehow her camera never gets in the way. Perhaps her greatest gift is the way she manages to participate in events even as she photographs them; laughing with you and telling jokes even as she captures your laugh with the camera. At this point I hardly even remember the camera is there, its just like an extension of Ashley. If you let her into your life even for a brief shoot you'll see what I mean. She'll make you feel comfortable. If you let her she'll make you her friend (you probably wont be able to resist!). And then she'll make you look good.