Jack Attack

I was super nervous the first time I photographed a birth.  It's such a sacred, personal moment for couples--I was sure my click click move click click would out of place at best, infuriating at worst. Lucky for me, my first time was also Jess and Tim's first time becoming parents, so they had better things to do (and remember) than worry about what I was doing.  And what a beautiful moment to capture--the moment when two adults become parents.  The above photo is my favorite from their first time: Tim, adorably clad in a Reese's shirt, gasping at the experience of watching his first child take it's first breath, and Jess's mom, shedding tears as she watched her baby have a baby, making her a grandmother.  And of course, the cool nurse, looking relaxed because she's done this a million times before.  At the time, Jess said: "I don't know what else to say other than that I'm in love with them.  The birth pictures moved me to tears and brought me back to that day." Tim said he barely remembered the birth he was in such shock, until he looked at the images I took--only then did it become real.  

Now it's really real.  That first baby, Keira, is a real little human who says no and has a best friend (his name is Milton. He's her dog). Since things went so well with their first attempt, they decided to do it again.  This baby actually came on the due date, which also happened to be their room number at Abington Hospital.

Some things were the same--Tim and Jess's mom were there, giving support.  I got to the hospital just in time, and once Jess went into labor everything went smoothly.  In fact, I think she only pushed 4 times before we met the new little bundle of joy! Then again, some things were different: Jess seemed less enamored with the miracle of birth, and more interested and getting the baby out of her body so she could sleep; as for Tim, instead of looking shocked at the moment of birth, he was looking at his wife, encouraging her every moment of the long night.

Jack Bradley Myers came out with a full head of hair (which Jess could have told you before he made his arrival)!  Her mom was again, tearful and overjoyed.  

Little Jack Bradley has a great set of pipes, and demonstrated his vocal abilities early.  Tim was apparently the same way, to the chagrin of his mother.  Jack also seems to have some attitude, giving his dad the middle finger within the first 5 minutes of his life. Tim doesn't seem too upset by it :P

But, Jack clearly has a soft side.  It's no wonder that Jess and Tim were in love with him at first sight.

Ready or not, Jack Attack is here and he's adorable.  I love the photo below--he opened his eyes and I swear, he looked right at me. My heart melted immediately.  I don't even know if a newborn can see anything, but I'm going to believe he did.  I also can't wait to see how Keira responds to her new little brother; she's got some serious personality on her, and Jack may have to work harder to win her heart. I'm sure, however, that he will succeed.  As my small gift to the couple, I brought some Reese's to commemorate our first birth session.  Hope the sugar helped make up for the late night they endured.  Congratulations Jess and Tim, for creating another beautiful life!!

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