MP3: Melanie, Patrick, Paisley and Parker

Pat and Melanie were always pretty cool people.  Then they found each other, and the real adventure began.  Whether as DJs or parents, they make beautiful music together.  Their most recent collaboration was the creation of Parker and Paisley, their twins!  I caught up with the couple shortly before their due date to snap a few bump images at the zoo, and let me tell you, Melanie is going to be one badass mom! Even though she looked ready to burst right there, she ran around Girard with Pat and I in heels, changed in the car AND drove the car to our second location, the bridges on Kelly Drive!  Pat kept her laughing the whole time, and his smile seemed permanently affixed and so beautifully genuine.  The prospect of TWO newborns would make most people shake in their boots--it's as if these two just clicked their heels and started skipping.

Pregnancy isn't all fun and games and cute dresses, however.  I was anxious to see how the delivery would go; many moms have to go the route of c-section with twins, or aren't able to go full term.   But luck was on their side, and Mel delivered both Parker and Paisley naturally with help from Pat and her doula on a beautiful April day.  I expected to arrive at the hospital and find two exhausted, stressed new parents, and instead I found a glowing Melanie and a giddy Pat, both already thinking up knick names for their family of four.  

Parker's a talker already and kept opening his eyes to look around;  Paisley has an awesome appetite and a killer grip.  Pat thinks Paisley looks like Cindy; I think they both have Mel's lips.  But no matter who they look like, Pat and Mel are two seriously happy, blessed parents, and I'm so glad I could be there for them to capture some of the first moments of what will no doubt be the infamous MP3 clan.  Can't wait to see who these two little burritos grow up to be.  Congrats and OMG Pat and Mel!!