A Laughing Matter: Tisha and Dane

I first met Tisha when I was being interviewed for Philadelphia's Music, Dance and Modern Art Show (check out the full video if you'd like to listen to me talk for 20 minutes about photography).  She remembered me months later while planning her wedding, and after a quick cup of coffee, I was sure I'd have a blast documenting her day at the African American Museum of Philadelphia.   It started simply: makeup, hair, bow ties, boutonnieres. A few nervous giggles, a little lip biting.

Things are typically a little stressful before the ceremony; everyone's emotions are running high, the couple worries about whether the event will go as planned, if the guests will have fun.  And although they were a little nervous, Tisha and Dane seemed unruffled.  Maybe it's because Tisha is a master planner.  Maybe it's because no one can keep from smiling when they're around Dane.  Maybe it's because they have a great community of family and friends.

The real reason Tisha and Dane were so calm? They make each other ridiculously happy.  Tisha was never more beautiful than when Dane was making her laugh; it's like her face explodes with joy!  And their joy spread to everyone celebrating with them, which, in turn, made my job very easy :D

After the heartfelt ceremony, we zipped over to Philadelphia's WaterWorks for some blue hour portraits, eager to make the most of our time and show off the beauty of the city they love.


Once the "tough" part was done, Tisha and Dane took a deep breathe and dove right in, as if they weren't exhausted.  Psh.  The party swirled, the music pulsed, and Tisha and Dane kept laughing.

The best smile of the day? In the last few minutes of our portrait session, the wind was blowing its still-icy fingers, and Dane was keeping his bride warm.  I asked if he was excited to start his life and, more immediately, a family with Tisha (who's got a bun in the oven even now!).  Dane pulled Tisha tight to him and started giggling like a school boy.  He may have even blushed.  Tisha, in response, simply lit up.  And just then, the wind lifted her veil and his jacket. Click.  Clickclickclick.  That's love, Philadelphia.