Based just outside of Philadelphia, I'm always ready to travel. I'm usually up for anything, interested in everything, and willing to break a sweat to ensure what you love is documented extraordinarily.  I specialize in life events and visual storytelling; I’m interested in creating something real for you.  Vibrant, honest images with emotional impact.  The weird, the wild, and the whimsical are all my forte.  

I love adapting my sight to a new situation and learning about someone else’s story.  I work and play well with others.  I like to push myself, to learn and to grow from my peers with their different perspectives and backgrounds.  I love the challenge of photographing new and unconventional subjects and the thrill of an unknown shooting environment.

My life feels like the ocean; I rise, I fall, I am alive, and there is a tide that pulls at my heart saying "create".  


I love to share my experience with others.  If you want to learn how to shoot better yourself, hire me for an individual session or to give a masterclass on photojournalism and visual anthropology!

Connect with Me and see what your world might look like through my eyes.

Yep, that's me with a pre-presidental Barack Obama!

All images copyright Ashley E. Smith. All rights reserved.